Talk Is Cheap


I have never met someone whose actions are farther from their words.

Annoyance and disdain cloud your face

When I say, “you’re all talk”

And you’re so eager to prove me wrong-

In one aspect.


When in fact, you have no idea what I really mean.

Your words are beautiful,

So eloquently put, but

Your actions leave me bewildered and aloof


They place me last on your list,

While according to your words I’m a most perfect gift.


I cling to memories, because I have nothing else

You’ve given me great moments-

lots of laughter and instants of joy, but

What about the rest?


What about your time? What about your effort?

What have you done to show me that I am important?


It’s all clear to me now

You say that

I’m throwing away a “good thing”

But this “good thing” is all in your words


In reality,

we never were.


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