The Definition of a Woman


The definition of a woman

Not just any woman

A good woman, a righteous woman

A virtuous

Woman is

A lady

Maya Angelou said phenomenal

I say that’s me.


I’ve been searching for the definition

And like an epiphany

it came to me

I searched high, and I searched low

I searched my father’s eyes, my mother’s smile

My brothers’ arms, my friends’ words

My past hurts, my present fears

Each time coming up short, the insecurity mounted

Until it became a massive wave in front of me

Threatening to come crashing down, it taunted me at night when my eyes were closed

And in morning while I was wide awake like a dark cloud hanging over my head.


Searching for what they called mystery

For what they called beauty

Wanting not to be cute, but sexy

Wanting to feel more like a woman than a child

I wanted to discover my smile, wanted to come into my stride

I thought I would find it in someone else

I thought if I let go, I would find myself

But someone never came.


Then I turned to the only place that was left

The one place I forgot to turn

I looked up, to the heavens

Sunk to my knees, tears blurred my view

I asked You to make me brand new

I asked You to make me whole

Because I lost my way, I don’t recognize who I see

In the mirror looking back at me, my insides are cold


Lord, who am I? Am I really of worth?

He said I made you a little lower than the angels, that’s who you are

He said how dear you despise yourself, when I love you?

How dare you wish to be someone else, when I made you in My image?

He said who are you looking for? Am I not enough?

Just then, I found my definition

I’m not just any woman

I’m a good woman, a righteous woman, you see

A virtuous woman

I’m a lady.

Maya Angelou said phenomenal

Phenomenal Woman

And I say that’s me!


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