Torn Between the Two


As the clock goes tick tock,

I lie awake in bed

Thinking of you.

Struggling to remember

the contours of your face,

the tension in your arms,

around my waist.


Time erases my memory of you.

And while distance

Betrays us,

I betray you.


Because there is someone else buried in my heart.


Like a guest that won’t leave


The distance between us is intentional

Because he will break my heart, but you won’t

Still, whoever said, “Outta sight, outta mind”

Definitely wasn’t talking about me.


Both men out of my sight, yet on my mind

Unable to return your love while my thoughts of him haunt me

There’s nothing sadder than a soul confused

But I’m looking for someone who will cherish, and not misuse

My love, my heart, my body, my soul

Someone on my mind, but another buried in my heart

Who do I choose?




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