Work in Progress


I must define myself, for myself.

It would be dangerous to

let another define me.

That was my mistake.

They institute their standards

and compel you to oblige

But, I will not succumb to demise.

Instead, resisting those implications

I walk in faith and follow my own direction.

The path that leaves me free to spread my pretty wings;

Pretty though they may not look like hers.


Kiss the sun, laugh in rain and no more tears.

See, if I wait for you to love me…

The dots will forever continue,

And my outlook on a most precious gift will continue to skew.

No, I cannot give you

that power, nor any power at all.

The power I have to withhold

until your emotions match that of my soul,

until at last I can behold

The perfect truth I was once told.

Until then, you won’t define me

My love, my art, my passion, my body.


Take it all in,

one breath should be enough.

In order to define my essence,

I obliterated the meaningless stuff,



all I am is love.


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