There was a time when life was duty free

And I was oblivious to harsh realities

When boys were

Annoying things with big heads

And small bodies

And all girls cared about were Barbies and tea parties

Hide and Seek,

Was a game

And not a concept of life.



To us was having fun

Staying up, playing ghost, til way past dawn

But as you grow, life changes

It has a way of picking you up and spinning you around

And then in one fell swoop,

Smashing your body to the pavement, you lie pulverized to the ground


Life’s main goal is to rob you of your innocence and serendipity

Suction out every trace of sanity

Until you find yourself in solitude and misery

Seeking escape from your reality

But oh, the days of youth

When life couldn’t catch you

Because you ran too fast.


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